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Orthomol is a German brand, specializing in production on vitamins and supplements. The company was established in 1991 and today is one of the leaders of the European pharmaceutical market, having its medicine and supplements for various health conditions.

Meaning and history

The Orthomol visual identity is minimalist yet bright and instantly recognizable. Composed of an emblem, which is also used as the brand’s icon, its logo looks bold and professional, evoking a sense of professionalism and progressive approach of a highly-respected company.

The label’s emblem is a solid lime-green circle with a thick rounded vertical line in its upper-right part. As the brand’s name is derived from Orthomolecular medicine, the emblem most likely symbolizes a molecule, but also represents the first letter of the brand’s name, “O”.

The lime-green and blue color palette of the visual identity is a reflection of energy, liveliness, and reliability of the company. The lime-green color symbolizes freshness and creativity, while blue is a commonly known symbol of authority and expertise, the color, that evokes a sense of protection and stability.

Orthomol Emblem

When placed on the brand’s product packaging, the logo uses the only wordmark without an emblem. In the previous versions, the logotype was written in white and placed on the left part of the horizontally elongated oval, right part of which was usually colored in contrast shade and contained the name of the product line, for example, Immune featured orange color, Vital — light blue.

The current Orthomol packs’ designs are more modern and minimalist and only contained lettering — the nameplate is written in white on the top of the packaging and the colored name of the vitamin’s type is placed under it.


The wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is based on the Neue Helvetica, but with its “T” and “H” modified. Their upperparts are cut diagonally and forms a kind of an arrow, pointing up. It reflects the brand’s progressiveness and innovation experience approach.

The traditional Helvetica lines are bold and solid, creating a sense of authority and professionalism, while the use of the lowercase lettering makes the Orthomol logo look friendly and welcoming.


Orthomol is a famous European manufacturer of vitamins and supplements, which follows the principles of orthomolecular medicine, defined by Linus Pauling in 1968. The main idea is that all the right molecules have to be present in the right quantities.

Orthomol Logo

In Germany, the label’s products have a special category — medical foods and are sold in pharmacies all over the country. The brand has a wide range of vitamins, aimed to help with different conditions: Orthocor Plus for the heart support; Orthoimmun is for the strengthening of the immune system and Orthovision — for the eyes. There are also beauty complexes and kids and junior vitamins.

Each company’s product is provided in a month pack (30 days dosage) and has a modern and bright packaging and presentation.

The company’s website provides all the necessary information on all the products, as well as explain the philosophy of Orthomolecular medicine and its benefits. Numerous studies and researches can also be fount on the Orthomol online platform.