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Kona Bikes (Kona Bicycle Company) is based in the Pacific Northwest. The history of the company started in 1988.

Meaning and history

The current Kona logo features the name of the brand in a creative script. On the one hand, the glyphs are connected with each other as if the word has been written by hand. On the other hand, there are a lot of angular elements (for instance on the “o” or “a”), while things actually written by hand typically look by far more rounded.

Kona Logo

The older version features similar writing, although there is a couple of subtle differences (compare the two “o’s,” for instance). The difference that is more apparent is the color scheme and the white and black trim seen on the previous logo.

We should also mention an old Kona Bikes logo where the lettering “Kona” was written over a shape that can be described as a combination of a wheel and a star.

“K” emblem

Kona Emblem

Apart from the wordmark, the company has used a design featuring the letter “K” inside a roundel.

For one, you can come across an older version in blue with the black border. Here, the roundel has a wavy outline, which makes it look like a wheel. This version was often paired with the word “Kona.”

The current website features a different, more minimalist icon. This time, the “K” is seen inside a plain ring. The glyph itself looks pretty similar to the previous version, although it appears a little lighter. Both the “K” and the ring are black, while the background is white.