Konami Logo

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Konami logo
Konami is a gambling machine manufacturing company, which was established in 1968 in Japan. The company is also known for creating various video games and operating a few casinos across the globe.

Meaning and history

Konami Logo history

The text-based Konami visual identity is laconic and elegant. It looks modern and confident, evoking a sense of stability and professionalism.
The Konami wordmark in all the capitals is executed in a well-balanced sans-serif typeface with tops of the letters slightly elongated and pointed, which makes the in-scription look playful and sophisticated.
The sleek smooth lines of the Konami lettering show the company’s friendliness and puts the customer in the center of its value system.
The Konami visual identity’s color palette is based on a classic shade of red, which is placed on a white background. The iconic red and white combination represents a progressive and powerful company, evoking a sense of passion and warmth at the same time.
Konami logo
The Konami timeless logo is perfectly executed and shows the company as a reliable and professional, creating a sense of trustworthiness and a fundamental approach to the products’ manufacturing.