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Inaugurated in 2019 with its base in San Francisco, Found Health is a privately-held entity with a commitment to fostering personal health. The company specializes in tailoring nutritional guidance, fitness regimens, and wellness coaching to individual needs. It also provides a communal space for support and engagement, paired with the convenience of virtual healthcare consultations.

This organization is dedicated to enhancing the personal health journey of each client, focusing on integrative care that combines dietary planning, physical training, and mental well-being strategies. By bridging the gap between technology and healthcare, Found Health empowers individuals to take control of their wellness paths. The platform’s blend of professional health coaching, collaborative community support, and direct access to health practitioners is aimed at delivering a comprehensive, streamlined health management experience. With a mission to simplify the pursuit of health and vitality, Found Health stands as a holistic health architect for the modern individual.

Meaning and history

Found, accessible via, is a prominent fitness hub that stands out in the competitive landscape of gyms and fitness retail. It distinguishes itself as one of the most effective brands within its sector, ranking impressively at fourth out of 625 brands. Found’s reputation is built on delivering a blend of premium fitness facilities and retail options that consistently outpace other market players in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. They’ve carved a niche for themselves by combining state-of-the-art fitness equipment with expert wellness advice, creating a holistic health experience that appeals to fitness enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive approach to their health and fitness goals.


Found Logo

The logo for “found,” written in a serene forest green hue. The font is soft and modern, with rounded edges that convey a sense of approachability and calm. The lowercase letters suggest a friendly and accessible brand, while the deep color choice represents growth, harmony, and freshness. The simplicity of the design reflects a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, indicating a brand that values clarity and straightforwardness in its identity.

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