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CooMeet is the name of an online chat and dating portal, which is based on the principle of chat roulette, where you can talk to ladies and men from all over the globe. This international online dating portal blurs boundaries, distance and brings people together.

Meaning and history

A video chat site for real communication between people from all over the world. Services for men are paid, and girls have the opportunity to earn money on communication. A webcam is required for communication. Ability to correspond with foreigners with instant translation.

CooMeet is a service for people who want to find their soulmate or looking for light and easy connections with people in other countries. Whatever the motive is, it is always positive and tends to bring people joy, whether a short-term or a lifetime one.

CooMeet Logo

So the visual identity of CooMeet is trying to reflect the mood and purpose of the application, showing it from its friendly and happy sides. The logo is composed of two parts, a graphical emblem, which is also an icon of the application, and a logotype, which is usually set under the emblem.

The CooMeet emblem is a little bird, drawn in pink and blue, with white details. The bird is set in the profile, turned to the right, like looking into tomorrow, where the users will probably meet.

As for the logotype of the service, it is executed in the same color palette, with the “Coo” part set in pink, and the “Meet” one — in blue. The inscription is written in fancy and smooth cursive, with slightly elongated connection lines between the letters.

Overall, the CooMeet logo evokes warm feelings and looks very inviting, showing the potential users the opportunity to meet the one they were looking for, or to spend a pleasant couple of hours.