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Kimera Automobili is an Italian automotive company that specializes in reviving classic cars with modern technology. It was founded by Luca Betti and the company is based in Cuneo, Italy. The brand is best known for creating the Kimera Evo 37. This custom-built car is a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and automotive passion, aiming to deliver a nostalgic yet cutting-edge driving experience.

Meaning and history

Emerging from the interplay of retrospective charm and avant-garde engineering, Kimera Automobili carves a unique niche within the car rejuvenation sphere. Conceived by rally connoisseur Luca Betti, this Italian marque calls Cuneo its cradle. It boasts the Kimera EVO37, a contemporary ode to the venerable Lancia Rally 037. Launched in 2021, this vehicle is an exquisite fusion of heritage aesthetics and state-of-the-art mechanics, a collector’s piece that weaves the spirit of bygone rally triumphs with the sophistication of present-day tech. Kimera’s handiwork transcends mere transportation; they sculpt mobile masterpieces that whisper of yesteryears yet race towards tomorrow.

What is Kimera Automobile?
Kimera Automobile is a visionary enterprise in the auto industry, renowned for reengineering classic cars with a modern twist. This innovative company melds vintage aesthetics with contemporary technology, creating a unique fusion of past and present in automotive design. Their creations are a testament to the harmony of timeless style and cutting-edge performance.


Kimera Automobili Logo

The emblem of Kimera Automobili captures the mythical chimera, a creature with a ram’s head, complete with a spiraling horn, and the powerful body and wings of a bird in full flight. It’s a striking visual in gold, projecting elegance and power. The brand name, “KIMERA AUTOMOBILI”, is boldly set in capitalized, clean, sans-serif type, indicating modernity and clarity. This logo suggests a fusion of the classic and the contemporary, much like the company’s ethos of integrating timeless design with modern automotive technology.

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