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While the overall style of the Karen Millen logo has remained the same over the years, there have been quite a few minor alterations.

Meaning and history

Karen Millen logo

Karen Millen created her namesake brand in 1981. She sold the rights for her brand and her name in 2004 to the Icelandic Mosaic Fashions. Today, Karen Millen is a British women’s clothing retailer focusing on tailoring, coats, and eveningwear.


Like logos of many companies working in the fashion industry, the logo of Karen Millen features only the name of the brand. In itself, it is already a challenge for a designer who wants to convey the essence of the brand through its logo. While the choice of the type could have solved the problem, the authors of the logo did not use this means, either. As a result, the logo does not say much about the brand.

Logo Karen Millen

And yet, in the case of a fashion company, this is not a drawback. Such a minimalist wordmark gives the creative forces behind the brand a chance to develop various clothing experimenting with styles and trends as much as they want. Due to this, even if the style of the apparel made by the brand happens to change soon, Karen Millen won’t necessarily have to modify its logo.

Old symbol

You can come across slightly different versions of the Karen Millen logo. For instance, the one where the “A” has a sharp top stretching higher than the tops of all the other letters. There has been some experimenting with the width of the letters and the space between them, too.

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