Kalamazoo Wings Logo

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Kalamazoo Wings Logo
The current incarnation of the Kalamazoo Wings began as the Madison Kodiaks in 1999. Having spent only one season in the state of Wisconsin, the ice hockey team relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan. There the franchise took the place of the original Wings who let them use their name and logo, as well as their 26-year-old history.

Logo History

Kalamazoo Wings Logo history

The new K-Wings didn’t abandon the logo of their predecessors. The reason for this is evident ‒ the original Wings’ logo was good. They just recolored it having changed the color palette from green, black, gold and white into blue, red and white. What they got was a traditional color scheme as far as ice hockey is concerned.
Kalamazoo Wings emblem
The Wings’ logo is simple, but it makes its point. It features the letter “L” that stands for the city of Kalamazoo. One of the elements of the letter is stylized and looks like a wing. The “K” is in white trimmed in blue and red. There is another wing on the wordmark with the team’s name. It is attached to the letter “S” on the left. The word “Wings” goes across the letter “K”. It is in blue bordered in white and blue. The letters are slanted, which gives an impression of speed to the whole thing. No wonder the Wings still use one and the same logo.