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IBC stands as a celebrated purveyor of flavored soft drinks, with a heritage tracing back to the Griesedieck lineage in St. Louis, Missouri, since 1919. Birthed as a Prohibition-era refreshment alternative, its signature concoctions, particularly the acclaimed root beer, are encased in nostalgic glass bottles, evoking the essence of Americana. This brand’s acclaim stems not from hops or barley, but from a velvety, brew that harkens back to the artisanal soda-fountain era.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1919 in St. Louis, Missouri, IBC (Independent Breweries Company) emerged as a beacon of innovation during Prohibition. Rather than brewing beer, the Griesedieck family, known for their brewing legacy, creatively ventured into crafting root beer. This move was a strategic pivot to navigate the restrictions of the era.

IBC root beer, with its signature rich, sassafras-based flavor, quickly became a household name, celebrated for its creamy, nostalgic taste. Packaged in iconic, clear glass bottles, it stood out for its quality and traditional appeal.

Post-Prohibition, IBC continued to thrive, expanding its range to include a variety of soft drinks, yet always maintaining root beer as its flagship product.

The brand’s journey reflects a remarkable adaptation to historical challenges, securing its place in American soda culture. Its legacy is not just in its product, but in its resilience and innovative spirit in the face of societal shifts.

What is IBC?
IBC is a distinguished American brand, renowned for its classic root beer and a range of flavored sodas. Originating in 1919 during Prohibition, it carved a niche in beverages, celebrated for its rich, traditional flavors and iconic glass bottle packaging.


IBC logo


The logo features the letters “I,” “B,” and “C,” each standing distinctly separate. They are rendered in a bold, sans-serif typeface, with each character boasting a uniform thickness that conveys solidity and presence.