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Jockey is one of the most popular American brands of lingerie and underwear, which was established in 1876. Today the company is known across the world and produces not only underwear but also sports apparel and pajamas for the whole family.

Meaning and history

Jockey Logo history

Jockey is a legendary brand, responsible for inventing men’s briefs with the “Y” front. The brand’s visual identity has always been strong and confident and with its last redesign in 2007 the company stayed loyal to its monochrome palette and minimalist approach.

The Jockey logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem above it. The inscription in all capital letters is executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface, which is slightly narrowed but looks modern and bold. The clear neat lines of the font create a sense of reliability and expertise.

1893 – 1936

Jockey Logo 1893

1936 – 1962

Jockey Logo

The Jockey emblem changes from the silhouette of jockey to an abstract figure, which resembles a flower or a swirl. The symbol has several meanings, according to the company. And it is very interesting, as shows the seriousness and importance of how the brand wants to be seen by its audience.

Here are a few meanings of the Jockey Swirl: unity, innovation, harmony, and the future. The circle with three curved rays coming out of it and inclined to the left is really full of meanings and is a perfect representation of the brand with a long history and rich heritage.