Everlast Logo

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Everlast Logo
Everlast is an iconic American sport brand, famous for its boxing and mixed martial arts apparel. It was founded in 1910 by Jacob Golomb and today is a part of Sports Direct group, selling its collections in over 70 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Everlast Logo history

The Everlast logo is one of the most recognizable sport brand logos in the world. Its custom typeface and the letters size wasn’t changed for many years, all the held modifications only touched the color palette and the emblem.
The custom Everlast typeface is close to Grand Canyon RR bold font, which has bold and strong lines. The letters of the wordmark are getting smaller moving to the center, with “E” and “T” as the biggest ones and “R” and “L” — the smallest.
The current brand’s color palette features dark gray and yellow, placed on a white background. It shows the brand as serious and powerful, with a huge energy in moving forward.
Logo Everlast
The Everlast emblem is a graphical representation of the letter “E”, which is colored yellow and placed diagonally, with its ends sharpened and elongated, resembling the claws.
The Everlast logo is a symbol of strong spirit, it has a character of a fighter, full of confidence.