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Palm Angels is a young and progressive fashion brand from Los Angeles, created by the art director of the iconic Moncler brand, Francesco Ragazzi. The label was established in 2015, and by today has become a symbol of streetwear style, with its fans all over the world.

Meaning and history

The founder of Palm Angels is the photographer and art director of Moncler Francesco Ragazzi. The history of his brand began with a photo project. In 2015, he published a book of photos of skateboarders from Los Angeles. While working on this project, Ragazzi was so inspired by skateboarding culture and the scenery of California that he decided to create his brand in which he combined his love of photography and the clothing style of skateboarders.

Palm Angels is a loud and progressive project of men’s and women’s fashion collections. It was created for young people who want to make themselves known loudly, and the brand shows all this energy and the vision of its head designer.

What are Palm Angles?
Palm Angels is the name of a young fashion brand created by Moncler art director Francesco Ragazzi in 2015 in Los Angeles. The brand is specialized in the design and production of streetwear and skateboarding culture-inspired outfits. Today the collections of the Palm Angles brand are sold all over the globe.

In terms of visual identity, the brand has never changed its logo, designed at the very beginning of the Palm Angels’ history. This simple in its concept, but stylish and recognizable in its style badge is based on a logotype and a classic minimalistic black-and-white color palette, evoking a sense of chic, confidence, and strength.

2015 – Today

Palm Angels Logo

The official logo of the young and bold fashion brand Palm Angels represents all the core elements of the company and its essence. The badge is composed of stylized black lettering in a title case of a custom gothic-inspired typeface with the heavy yet extremely elegant contours of the characters, thin and sharp elongated lines, and a perfect balance of space and colors.


Palm Angels Emblem

Apart from the primary logo, the Palm Angels brand also has an icon, which is used for web platforms and applications. The icon is based on the official logotype but uses only the uppercase black “P” on a plain white background. It looks clean, powerful, and progressive, with clean contours and sharp lines of the character representing the mood and DNA of Palm Angels.

Font and color

Palm Angels Symbol

The sleek and bold title case lettering from the primary badge of the Palm Angels brand is set in a custom gothic typeface, which looks pretty close to such fonts as Dracula Bold, Fette Kanzlei Regular, or Fette Gotisch Pro Regular, but with some significant modifications of the characters’ contours.

As for the color palette of the Palm Angels’ visual identity, it is based on a classic black-and-white color palette, with the primary version featuring a black inscription on a white background, and the secondary one — with white letting on a plain black. It looks powerful and chic, representing the brand at its best.

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