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Glassdoor is the name of the online platform dedicated to job search and companies reviews from current and former employees. The service was established in 2007 by Robert Hohman, Rich Barton, and Tim Besse, and by today has grown into one of the most reputable and respected sources of the recruitment and job-search related industry.

Meaning and history

Glassdoor Logo history

The number one goal of the platform’s creators was transparency. They wanted to give people, looking for a job, the opportunity to know the real situation inside the company, by reading anonymous reviews of those who currently work for it or did work.

In the 13 years since its founding, Glassdoor’s statistics and research have become some of the most respected and quoted. The company declares transparency in the labor market, publishes millions of vacancies, and helps to understand how much specific professions are paid in specific areas.

Glassdoor helps you find a job, see salary levels within the company, and gives you the opportunity to talk anonymously about the company’s working conditions and rate the company and management. The site has company profiles that show the company’s rating, the percentage of people who recommend working there to friends, and the CEO’s approval rating.

Glassdoor makes it all transparent for you as if you were watching the life of the company through a glass door. The perfect naming is enhanced by the perfect visual identity concept, which is also based on transparency, and reliability.

2007 – 2017

Glassdoor Logo 2007

The initial Glassdoor logo was created after the launch of the platform and stayed in use for almost ten years, creating a good basement for the future redesign. It was a green and white badge with a stylized geometric emblem placed on the left from the lowercase logotype. The emblem featured a rounded square, turned in ¾ and having its upper-right corner open, which made it resemble the letter “G”. As for the wordmark, it was set in a simple and slightly narrowed sans-serif typeface with traditional elegant shapes of the letters.

2017 – 2023

Glassdoor Logo 2017

The redesign of 2017 intensified the color palette of the Glassdoor badge and slightly refined the composition. Now the emblem was frontal, and moved to the upper part of the logo, is underlined by a lowercase logotype, in a new full-shaped typeface. The green became brighter and the emblem now featured two open corners (upper right and bottom left), being formed by two mirrored elements.

2023 – now

Glassdoor Logo

The company updated the logo with the help of Koto creative studio, removing the rectangular shape on the left. The “Glassdoor” inscription was now done using all uppercase letters and featured a custom font designed by Giulia Boggio. It was name Glassdoor Sans, which resembles Thyga Regular or similar font. The green color got darker, which created a more solid brand image while keeping the logo recognizable. Another interesting feature of this logo is the quotation marks that frame the name on both sides. The single quotation marks are used to make an association with the employer reviews that employees can leave on the website. An attentive eye will notice that the quotation marks are not written correctly. As it turns out, these are lowercase “g” and “d” which are the first two letters of the words that make up the name.

Font and color

The lowercase Glassdoor logotype looks friendly and evokes trust, which is the most important for the service, aiming to give true insider information about the companies. The wordmark is executed in a traditional and simple typeface, which is very close to such fonts as Aftika Soft Bold and Kenyon Bold, with round letters and straight cuts of the bold bars.

The green and white color palette in the Glassdoor visual identity stands for growth and development, as the service was made for people aiming to change their job and make their life and career better.