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The word “Jedi” itself was coined by the creator of the franchise, George Lucas. He claims that it was based on the name of the Japanese cinematic genre Jidaigeki, which refers to the historical drama of the life journey of a samurai. Since George Lucas is a great admirer of Japanese culture, it is likely that he took the image of the samurai as the basis for the Jedi as a character.

Meaning and history

In the Star Wars universe, there is an endless war between the dark and light sides of the Force, and the main soldiers in this endless battle are the Jedi and the Sith.

The Jedi are an order of warrior monks who serve peace and justice in the galaxy by using the Force, the mysterious energy that connects all living things. The Jedi are trained in the art of wielding the Force and the lightsaber, the symbol of their chivalry, and the Jedi educational system is nothing less than a process of developing the Jedi as individuals capable of controlling their emotions, developing their abilities, and following the Jedi Code.

Guardians of peace and order throughout the galaxy for thousands of years, the Jedi have fought on behalf of the Republic in many conflicts, including the Jedi War with the Sith and the Clone Wars.

The Jedi, the monk-knights of an ancient order on the bright side of the Force, are usually considered to be fighters against evil, which is not entirely accurate. The Jedi teachings guide their followers toward total dissolution into the Force (Oneness), an almost Buddhist nirvana. Some believe that Luke Skywalker achieved this state in The Last Jedi.

The Jedi Code teaches restraint, judgment, and fairness, as well as the avoidance of attachment and selfishness. The Jedi teach that every creature they encounter may see a Jedi for the first time, and the actions of just one Jedi will affect the perception of the entire Jedi Order.

The Jedi’s educational system seeks to develop the individual, acquire knowledge and skills, and develop a certain ethic and worldview.

All Jedi, from the oldest, Master Yoda, to the newest member of the Order, Rey Skywalker, are focused on maintaining peace in the universe. But their powers and abilities are not the same.

Preferring to use the Living Force rather than a lightsaber to keep the peace, Yoda embodied the ideology of the Jedi Order. As Master of the High Council during the fall of the Republic, Yoda led the Jedi Order.

In his time, he trained many of the most powerful Jedi, including Dooku, Ki’adi Mundi, and Luke Skywalker. Yoda also fought with Count Dooku and Darth Sidious during the Clone Wars and commanded the Clone legions.

What is Jedi?
The Jedi is one of the main characters in the Star Wars universe. It is an order that mainly performs a peacekeeping function during armed conflicts. The main task of the Jedi Order is the protection of the Republic and democracy. Any humanoid capable of controlling the Force could join their ranks. The ability to manipulate the Force gives the Jedi various superpowers.

The Logo

Jedi Logo

The Jedi Symbol is a graphical representation of the order philosophy and values. It depicts the bright light in a shape of a six-pointed star, enclosed between two stylized wings, spread up and inscribed into a whole circular ring. This abstract image brilliantly shows what the Jedi believe in and how they live. The rounded outline of the logo also has a meaning — unity, and oneness.

Font and color

Jedi Emblem

The Jedi symbol has no lettering on it, just graphical elements. As for the color palette of the Jedi logo, it is usually depicted in flat black on white, but sometimes can be seen in burgundy or even gold, depending on the placement.