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Jamiroquai is the name of a British jazz band, which was created in 1992 by Jay Kay. The band is extremely popular for its unique acid jazz compositions and has numerous top music awards.

Meaning and history

Jamiroquai logo

The band’s name, Jamiroquai, is derived from two words — “jam” from jam sessions and “Iroquois”, which is the Native American tribe.

The Jamiroquai logo is composed of a wordmark and a famous band’s emblem above it.

The wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is executed in a very modern and elegant typeface, with the signature “R” and “O” connection and playful dots above the letters “I”.

The Jamiroquai logo is a silhouette of a man with a buffalo head and is known as the buffalo man or the medicine man. His head tilts to the left and his hands are looking on two sides.

Jamiroquai emblem

The emblem was sketched by the group’s frontman, Jay Kay when he tried to draw himself.

It is a very strong and remarkable visual identity. The elegance and high-end style of the wordmark is balanced with the ironic and powerful emblem, which looks great in a monochrome palette.

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