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Avril Lavigne is the name of the famous punk singer, who was born in 1984 in Canada and became popular across the globe after the release of her debut album in 2002. By today the singer has sold millions of copies of her six studio albums and participated in more than 10 different tv projects as the guest star.

Meaning and history

Avril Lavigne Logo history
Except for the latest logo, all the visual identity concept of the Canadian singer were always based on a monochrome palette and minimalist approach. There have been seven official logos created for Avril Lavigne throughout her career, but they all were executed in the same recognizable style.

2002 — 2004

Avril Lavigne Logo-2002

The very first logo was introduced in 2002 and featured a punk-rock style handwritten inscription, which looked like it was written with a black gel pen, with lots of lines and hatches.

2004 — 2007

Avril Lavigne Logo-2004

In 2014 the logo was changed to a bolder and a more interesting one, where the thick black capitals were diluted with some smaller letters, and looked like a puzzle, made up of the newspaper articles.

2007 — 2011

Avril Lavigne Logo-2007

In 2007 the logo becomes simple and classy — the all-caps inscription a is executed in a bold serif typeface, where the contours of the letters are slightly blurred, adding a mysterious feeling and showing the singer’s creativity and style.

2011 — 2013

Avril Lavigne Logo-2011

Another example of elegance was introduced in 2011 — the black cursive lettering with elongated and delicately curved tails was executed with tenderness and sophistication, being a reflection of true beauty.

2013 — 2018

Avril Lavigne Logo-2013

The logo, designed for Avril Lavigne is 2013 featured a lightweight sans-serif stencil font, where all capital letters of the inscription were placed very close to each other, but still looked fresh and delicate.

2018 — 2021

Avril Lavigne Logo 2018

In 2018 two different logos were created — a black handwritten wordmark with thin yet powerful and solid lines and elongated contours, and a smooth curved cursive inscription in powder-pink, which was placed on a black background. Two different styles, moods, and concepts, one singer and her colorful and emotional music.

2021 — Today

Avril Lavigne Logo 2021
The 2021 logo consists of grainy red capital letters with X-marks above «i» characters and in the inner spaces of some letters. The whole inscription is made in two lines, one a bit bigger than the other.

2021 — Today

Avril Lavigne logo