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The ISPS HANDA Premiership is a premier football league in New Zealand. This league, under the ownership of New Zealand Football, showcases the highest level of football in the country. Geographically, the ISPS HANDA Premiership extends its reach across New Zealand, with teams representing various regions, thereby promoting a sense of national sportsmanship and athletic excellence.

Meaning and history

ASB Premiership Logo history

Founded by New Zealand Football, the ISPS HANDA Premiership was established with a vision to elevate the standard of football in New Zealand. Since its inception, the league has grown substantially, becoming a pivotal platform for local talent to showcase their skills. A major achievement of the ISPS HANDA Premiership has been its role in developing players who have gone on to represent New Zealand in international competitions, including the FIFA World Cup. The league has also been instrumental in increasing the popularity and viewership of football in New Zealand. As of now, the ISPS HANDA Premiership continues to play a crucial role in the national sports landscape, consistently drawing in fans and nurturing future talent, thus maintaining its position as a cornerstone of New Zealand football.

What is ISPS HANDA Premiership?
It is New Zealand’s premier football league, managed by New Zealand Football. It stands as a beacon of top-tier football, fostering local talent and bringing competitive football action to fans across the nation.

2004 – 2010

ASB Premiership Logo 2004
The ASB was initially called New Zealand Football Championship. They had it written (as ‘NZFC’) on this blue square. The letters were white, except for the red ‘F’. There was also a football displayed above with a big red star in its middle. Directly on and below the main acronym, there were two small inscriptions: ‘New Zealand Community Trust’ (the sponsor) and ‘the local name of the global game’ respectively.

2010 – 2017

ASB Premiership Logo 2008
Before 2017, the league had another sponsor and, therefore, was named the ASB Premiership and had a different emblem. The old ASB Premiership logo featured the same futuristic football, this time in yellow and black. The lettering “ASB Premiership” was also given in black and yellow.

2017 – Today

ISPS Handa Premiership logo
The focal point of the ISPS Handa Premiership logo is a stylized football looking very unusual and futuristic. The football is made up from multiple red elements, but you can clearly see the hexagonal or pentagonal shapes leaving no doubt that it’s actually a football. Next to the emblem of the top league in New Zealand, there’s the wordmark “ISPS Handa Premiership” in red and white.