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Canadian Baseball League is the name of a minor sports league, created in 2003, and ceased in just a few months after. It was founded by Tony Riviera, and even got its own trophy, named after Ferguson Jenkins.

Meaning and history

Canadian Baseball League ended up being a very quick experiment, which started with a great idea but didn’t make it through it. The League was formed by eight teams, and the CBL cup was won by Calgary Outlaws.

What is the Canadian Baseball League?
Canadian Baseball League was an experiment of Tony Riviera, who created it in 2003. The minor league only operated during one season and got ceased in the same 2003.

Although Canadian Baseball League only operated for a few months, it still has the logo created for it, along with the trophy, the Jenkins Cup.


Canadian Baseball League Logo

The Canadian Baseball Logo featured a bold and elegant composition with the red maple leaf as the main background element. Over the leaf, there were two crossed baseball bats in blue, with the gradient white and red ball, set in the crossing point of the bats. The upper part of the badge was taken by the image of a baseball player in white.

The player was replacing the vertical bar of the letter “B” in the stylized white “CBL” abbreviation, set in elegant serif. And the bar in the player’s hands was a continuation of the upper part of the “B”.