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Italdesign is an influential design and engineering company in the automotive industry, founded in Turin, Italy, by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani. Renowned for its innovative and stylish car designs, Italdesign has contributed to the creation of many iconic vehicles across various brands. The company’s focus is on developing new vehicle concepts and technologies, with a commitment to blending aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency. Italdesign is a key player in shaping the future of automotive design and engineering.

Meaning and history

Italdesign, a cornerstone in automotive design, was born in 1968, co-founded by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani. This visionary duo set the company on a path of groundbreaking design and engineering. Initially focusing on automotive projects, Italdesign quickly earned a reputation for its avant-garde approach, shaping the aesthetics of numerous iconic cars for various global manufacturers. The company’s journey was marked by expansion into broader design areas and technological innovation, consistently staying ahead in the competitive automotive world.

Italdesign, now a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, continues to merge artistic vision with engineering prowess, contributing significantly to the evolution of modern vehicle design and redefining the boundaries of automotive aesthetics and functionality.

What is Italdesign?
Italdesign stands as a beacon of innovation in automotive design and engineering. Founded in Turin, Italy, by the iconic Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani in 1968, it has revolutionized the aesthetics and functionality of cars. The company’s legacy is etched in its trailblazing concepts and collaborations with various global auto manufacturers, continually pushing the envelope in vehicle design.

1968 – 2022

Italdesign Logo 1968

The logo presents a stylized, metallic design, featuring a sequence of vertical bars leading into the outline of a rectangle. Below this geometric arrangement lies the company name “ITALDESIGN” in uppercase, robust letters, accented with a stripe of Italian national pride—green on the left and red on the right—adding a splash of color to the otherwise monochrome scheme. The logo exudes a sense of precision and industrial flair, reflecting the company’s innovation in automotive design.

2022 – Today

Italdesign logo

This rendition of the Italdesign logo swaps metallic sheen for a deep teal hue, maintaining the clean lines and industrial essence. The vertical bars preceding the hollow rectangle remain, yet the absence of Italian flag colors gives a more uniform, monochromatic look. The typeface of “ITALDESIGN” below is consistent and clear, ensuring brand recognition while embracing a minimalist aesthetic. This logo variant reflects modern simplicity and a singular focus on design purity.