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Mothercare is the name of a mother and baby product retailer, which was established in 1961 in the United Kingdom and today operates globally, having its 1,2 thousand stores on all the continents. The company specializes in the production and distribution of accessories and goods for pregnancy and newborns.

Meaning and history

Mothercare Logo history

The visual identity of Mothercare is still based on its original version, introduced in 1945. The company kept the style and mood of the first version, as it brilliantly shows caress, love, and protection.

1945 – 1985

Mothercare Logo-1945

The logo, designed for the company in 1945 was composed of a minimalist sans-serif lettering in the lowercase with the letter “M” enlarged. The main color of the logotype was dark blue, which is a reflection of trustworthiness and responsibility. Inside the letter “M” there was a stylized blue figure placed, so that the arch of the letter covered it, showing its protectiveness and care.

1985 – 1994

Mothercare Logo 1985

The logo was first redesigned only 40 years after, in 1985. The company decided to simplify it and went to a modest sans-serif logotype with no additional details. The inscription was executed in an elegantly rounded sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Rimouski Rimouski font. The iconic blue color became a bit darker and more intense.

1994 – 2009

Mothercare Logo 1994

In 199r the logo was redesigned again, and this time the company decided to try something new. The blue was replaced by a greener, sea-blue shade, and the logo-type in white was now placed on a horizontally oriented oval medallion with a double sea-blue and white outline.

Another logo, created for the brand in the same time period was composed of a stylized globe image and the medallion with no outline placed on it. The wordmark here consisted of “Mothercare World” lettering, placed in two levels, and executed in one style.

2009 – Today

Mothercare logo

In 2009 the company decides to look in their past and combines the first two versions in its current visual identity. The main insignia is composed of a deep blue logotype in lowercase, which is executed in a simple and clean sans-serif, the one close to DIN Neuzeit Grotesk Pro Bold. As for the original logo, you can see its influence in the new Mothercare icon, which is a blue lowercase “m” with a stylized figure under its right arch.

Mothercare emblem