International Basketball Federation Logo

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Meaning and history

International Basketball Federation Logo history
The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is in charge of international competitions in basketball. Being a worldwide organization, FIBA boasts of having a truly international signature mark. To understand the meaning of its logo one needs to know that the federation divides its 213 members into 5 commissions according to continental zones. Each commission has its own color. The colors replicate the color palette of the Olympic rings ‒ red, blue, yellow, green and grey which replaces black.

1994 – 2008

International Basketball Federation Logo 1994
The geometric, italicized font with bold lines and diagonally cut corners creates a powerful and bold image. The “FIBA” inscription is accompanied by an illustration on the left. It is a slanted vertical rectangle that has a drawing of a basketball player throwing a ball. The ball is done in orange and goes beyond the rectangular base. This orange color is further supported by an orange and white striped pattern at the bottom. The rectangular emblem also has “FIBA” printed in white lettering using the same font as the larger inscription.

2008 – Today

International Basketball Federation Logo
The FIBA logo is a stylized transparent basketball with white seams and the images of hands encircling it. There are five of them in accordance with the number of the commissions, and they are of different colors. The pictorial mark is accompanied by the name of the organization “FIBA” in a dynamic sans serif font. There may be also the motto “We Are Basketball”. Everything is set on a black background.