ICP Logo


ICP Group (Innovative Chemical Products) is an American manufacturer, founded in 2015. Most of their products are adhesives, sealants and other chemical compounds used in construction. In addition, ICP produces a number of other industrial and building solutions.

Meaning and History

ICP Logo history

ICP was created in 2015. The company is divided into two branches: Building Solutions and Industrial Solutions. They are manufacturing divisions that still operate as one entity. There are two main logotypes, used interchangeably by the company in various situations.

What is ICP?

Innovative Chemical Products, aka ICP Group, is an American supplier of chemical solutions for construction. It means products that protect the structures from moisture, keep them together better and so forth.

2015 – today

ICP Logo 2015

This is the main logo they use to denote corporal property. It’s simply a green square outline with a gap near the bottom left corner. In this gap, they placed the company’s acronym of ‘ICP’. The letters are big, bold sans-serifs with a dark blue color scheme.

2015 – today

ICP Logo

This is a more catch-all emblem. It depicts three curved stripes, arranged into a vaguely triangular form. Each of these stripes is composed of variably-sized dots, and each is colored a different way. Clockwise, they are blue, orange and green.

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