Mopar Logo

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Mopar Logo
Over its 80 year-old history Mopar has had an array of logos. On the whole, there have been 10 of them so far. The company is constantly developing and expanding its range of products, so a need for a new logo often arises.

Meaning and History logo

Mopar Logo history

MoPar is the trade name of the Chrysler Motor Parts Corporation. It was formed from the first few letters of the words “Motor” and “Parts” and appeared in the company emblem in 1937. The emblem was in the shape of an oval. Earlier the Mopar brand mark was a circle surrounding the letters D (Dodge), C (Chrysler), P (Plymouth) and D (DeSoto). The letter “P” was the largest of all laying emphasis on the Plymouth brand.
old mopar logo
The company modernized the logo of 1937 several times, keeping the basic elements. The characteristic graphic image “Mopar Omega M” has been adorning the Mopar logo since 1964. It is a circle evolving into a “rolling M”. It has been used either as a separate image or as the letter “M” in the word “Mopar”.
vintage mopar logo
A distinctive element of the 1972-2001 logos was a pentagon made of five triangles. The logo acquired the name Pentastar, as the gaps between the triangles looked like a star.

Current Logo

Mopar Logo
Since 2002 Chrysler has been using a very simple identity mark ‒ the “Omega M” icon in blue and the word “MOPAR” in black below it.