iCloud Logo

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iCloud Logo
iCloud is an Apple service, created to store data. The service was launched in 2011 and today has over 800 million users all over the globe. The main innovation of iCloud is that the data can be restored on any synchronized device.

Meaning and history

iCloud Logo history

The iCloud logo is bright and friendly. Composed of a simple cloud image on a white background it looks fresh and evokes a happy feeling.
The gradient blue color of the iCloud logo symbolizes security and reliability, and when placed on white — loyalty and purity as well.
All the previous versions of the iCloud visual identity design also featured a cloud silhouette, but in different color schemes. The original version from 2011 was a silver-gray square with rounded angles and a black cloud contour. The logo was three-dimensional, and the cloud was “engraved” on the metal background. The version was used on iOS 5 and 6.
iCloud Logo
In 2013, with the launch of iOS 7, Apple creates a new logo for the iCloud service. Now the white cloud contour is placed inside a gradient purple-blue square. It was a simple yet elegant and pleasant logo, which stayed with the product until 2014z
In 2014 the current logo was created. It is the most long-standing of the iCloud logos, and the brightest one.