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2Kmovie is the name of an online platform, which allows you to find and stream movies, tv-shows, and series in high definition quality for free. The service lets you not only watch the video online but also download them to any device.

Meaning and history

2Kmovie has been one of the most famous and trusted movies search engines for years now. The website allows you to find all the latest releases and doesn’t require any registration or payment for watching the content.

What is 2Kmovie?
2Kmovie is a website, created to make the movies and series search easy and convenient. The platform allows you to find any video content in HD format, and to watch it online or download it to your device without any payment.

In terms of visual identity, the platform uses a bright and confident color palette for its pretty simple logo composition, which makes the badge look professional and evokes a sense of the website’s trustworthiness.

2020 – Today

2kmovie Logo

The 2Kmovie logo, used by the platform for several years, features a composition of two geometric banners: the square yellow one, with two corners (the upper left and the bottom right) cut diagonally, and a narrow blue rectangular attached to its right side. The blue banner has just its bottom-right angle cut.

The large square part of the badge features a contoured black “2K” on it, while the blue one contains a white uppercase “Movies” in a modern yet pretty simple Sans-serif typeface, with confident contours of the letters, adding a sense of reliability to the whole badge. When used on the website, the badge is usually set on a calm turquoise background.

As for the web icon, 2Kmovie uses the yellow part of its official logo, the one with the black stylized “2K”. This signifier is instantly recognizable by users from all over the world and is almost synonymous with the best search engine in its category.

Font and color

The lettering from the primary 2Kmovie badge is set in two different styles, with the massive black “2K” executed in a bold stylized outlined sans-serif with thick black lines, and a clean uppercase “Movie” set in white caps of a smooth sans-serif typeface, which is pretty similar to such fonts as Bio Sans Soft Bold and Panton Rust Extra Bold Base.

As for the color palette of the 2Kmovie’s visual identity, it is composed of black and yellow, and blue and white parts, which create a bright and intense composition, evoking a sense of energy and dynamics, and showing the website as a professional and reliable platform.