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The insignia of the Iceberg fashion house consists of two lines. The word “Iceberg” is given in black block capitals on the top, while the lowercase lettering “since 1974” can be seen below. The first line features a type where some of the serifs are preserved, while others appear to have been “lost.” Take a look, for instance, at the “B” or “R” – they both have kept the serif on the top left angle but lost all the other serifs.

Meaning and history

Iceberg Logo history

One of the world’s most known fashion houses, Iceberg sells an array of products, from shoes, bags, and eyewear, to ready-made clothes and fragrances. The brand was born in 1974.

What is Iceberg?
Iceberg is an Italian fashion brand, which was established in the early 1960s by a husband and wife, Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchini. The first collection under the Iceberg label was released only in 1974. Today the clothes of the brand can be found internationally.

Before 2011

Iceberg Logo old

2011 – now

Iceberg logo

Font and color

Iceberg follows the traditional fashion label trend in the visual identity design — the bold black logotype being the only element of the badge. Although, unlike many other brands, the Italian fashion house uses a truly unique and recognizable typeface, which brilliantly reflects the character and mood of its clothes and accessories.

The Iceberg logotype in all capitals is executed in a sitcom serif typeface, which is something in between SK Falcon Semi Bold, Throndsen Bold, and Luxury Home Extra Black fonts. The most interesting thing about this typeface is its serifs — not all the letters have them, and those that do point in the different directions. The two “E”s of the inscription are super simple and clean, with no additional details on its horizontal bars.

As already mentioned, the Italian fashion brand uses a simple black-and-white color palette for its official logo, and it always works, especially keeping in mind, that the brand is mainly known for its bright and sometimes even outrageous prints. The simple monochrome tag adds stability and professionalism, showing the label as a strong company with its vision.

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