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The logo of the Luxemburg company Konplott is as refined and decorative as its jewelry and fashion accessories.

Meaning and history

Konplott Logo history

Konplott S.à r.l. is based in Rosport, Luxembourg, and operates more than 80 stores. The costume jewelry can be bought in over 900 stores worldwide.

1986 – 2006

Konplott Logo 1986

2006 – now

Konplott logo


While the overwhelming majority of fashion houses make their logos simpler and simpler with every modification, Konplott steers clear of the minimalist tendency. On the contrary, the Konplott logo seems to include an astonishing number of details.

The centerpiece of the design is a small heart. The heart is placed on the back of a frog, which is depicted as seen from above. Or, possibly, it is inside the frog (the creature’s back is transparent, in this case). Above the frog’s head, there is a crown. The white circle and the cross below the crown form the Venus symbol.

The glyphs on both sides of the frog form the lettering “Est. 1986 AD.” Also, there is a stylized globe below the frog, as well as the name of the brand in a highly distinctive typeface. It is not an existing font but a wordmark created from scratch. The glyphs seem to have been inspired by the shape of the frog’s webbed feet.

The reptile is placed inside an ellipse with the words “Miranda Konstantinidou Certified” running around it.

While the cluttered structure of the Konplott logo gives it a slightly old-fashioned look (like a medieval coat-of-arms), the fact that it depicts a frog as well as the bold, unusual details adds a contemporary vibe.