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The current Emilio Pucci logo is airy and light. It combines classic elegance with unconventional accents.

Meaning and history

Emilio Pucci Logo history

The first clothes designed by Emilio Pucci were for the Reed College skiing team. His designs debuted in the winter 1948 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Over time, the brand has experimented with its logo more than once. And yet, the majority of the experiments has dealt only with the weight of the type – it used to be heavier on the older versions.

The emblem was somewhat more detailed and featured the crown. In the old versions, it was placed next to the wordmark, while the current primary Emilio Pucci logo features only the name of the brand.

Before 2012

Emilio Pucci Logo old

2012 – 2021

Emilio Pucci Logo 2012

2021 – now

Emilio Pucci Logo

Current emblem

Logo Emilio Pucci

At first glance, the letters in the current logo seem to belong to one of the traditional serif typefaces that have been used on millions of occasions.

And yet, the moment you take a closer look, the true identity and beauty of this type opens up. One of the examples of the brand’s creative approach is the triangular structure of the top and bottom horizontal “bars” of the “E” and the bottom bar of the “L.” The thicks and thins of the strokes add a calligraphic feel.

According to Paco Rabanne’s website, the brand “breaks with convention and looks at fashion in a new light.” The description fits the logo perfectly well. It does not invent something utterly new but rather presents a distinctive, unique interpretation of beauty.