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Ice Play is a younger sibling of the fashion brand Iceberg. As the company puts it, Ice Play introduces “a fresh new take on easy style,” which includes “a riot of art, prints, color, and kaleidoscopic pop culture.”

Meaning and history

Ice Play Logo history

The Ice Play logo is deliberately minimalistic. There is not a single unnecessary stroke – just the name of the brand. The design team has opted for a rather bold, steady typeface. While there is nothing dynamic and emotional about it, the wordmark leaves the impression that the product is functional, durable, and reliable.

The color of the logo can be adapted to the visual context. Typically, it is black on the white background.

What is Ice Play?
Ice Play is a fashion company known for its trendy and stylish clothing and accessories. With a focus on contemporary designs, Ice Play offers a wide range of fashionable items that appeal to individuals seeking a modern and stylish wardrobe.

2017 – 2021

Ice Play Logo 2017

2021 – now

Ice Play logo

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