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Hydro Flask is the name of a brand, which specializes in the production of water bottles. It was established in 2009 by Helen of Troy Limited and became extremely popular all over the globe by today. The brand is focused on environmental-friendly material and is ecology-centered.

Meaning and history

Hydro Flask Logo history
The Hydro Flask visual identity plays an important role in the brand’s philosophy. It is a symbol of consciousness, which brings harmony and happiness to any human’s life and make the world around us cleaner and healthier. The iconic brand’s logo was designed at the very beginning of its history and only slightly refined six years after, in 2015.

2009 – 2015

Hydro Flask Logo 2009
The original Hydro Flask logo, created for the company in 2009, featured a funny stylized image of a jumping man with his hands spread up to the sides and his hair resembling water splashes. The human was placed above the bold sans-serif wordmark, written in a modern typeface with rounded angles and smooth lines, and “H” and “F” capitalized.

Hydro Flask Logo-2009

It was an interesting combination of a graphical emblem drawn in thin and delicate lines with rounded and thickened ends and massive strong letters in a dandy and playful font.

2015 – Today

Hydro Flask Logo

The redesign of 2015 kept the iconic symbol of the brand but redrew it more confidently — with the use of thicker lines. Now the man has his body fully black,  both hands and legs it bolder rounded touches, and hair have been drawn straight up, without curved ends.

As for the lettering, it kept its size and massiveness of the letters, but changed the contours to more traditional and modest ones, though the solidness and stability are still there, along with a sense of professionalism and expertise.

Font and color

Hydro Flask Font

The strong and strict Hydro Flask lettering from the brand’s logo is executed in a sans-serif typeface with full letter shapes and thick lines. The type of the company’s nameplate look very similar to such well-known fonts as Mazzard H Semi Bold and Carmen Sans Bold, there is also some resemblance with Aceh Family fonts.

The official color palette of Hydro Flask is based on the monochrome combination, and for the no tinted materials and advertising the company placed its black logo on a white background. Though when placed on the water bottles, both the jumping man and the logotype, are drawn in white lines.

Hydro Flask bottles can be executed in all possible colors — from traditional black to acid shades of green and yellow or calm and intense purple and crimson. White looks great on any of them, representing freedom loyalty, and consciousness.