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Acron is the name of a Russian company, engaged in the production of mineral fertilizers. The company was established in 1961, and by today has grown into an international business with a good reputation in its segment. The Acron in its current state was created in 2002.

Meaning and history

Acron Group is one of the leading vertically integrated mineral fertilizer producers in Russia and the world. The original Acron was established in 1961, and its key production facilities, Novgorod Chemical Works (founded in 1961 and transformed into the Novgorod Azot Production Association, NPO Azot, in 1975) and Dorogobuzh (founded in 1965), were the backbone of the Soviet mineral fertilizer industry.

Today the leading Group’s chemical facilities are located in the same spots, Veliky Novgorod and Smolensk region. But the Group also has its phosphate operations in the Murmansk region and a potash project in Perm Region. Apart from that, Acron has its own logistics infrastructure, including three Baltic Seaport terminals and distribution networks in Russia and China.

Acron’s subsidiary North Atlantic Potash Inc (NAP) holds permits for geological prospecting at 11 potash project sites at Prairie Evaporite, Saskatchewan, Canada. Acron also holds a 19.8% minority stake in Grupa Azoty in Poland, one of the largest chemical producers in Europe.

In 2020, the Group sold 7.8 million tons of its main products. Deliveries were made to 74 countries around the world. Acron’s main markets are Russia, Brazil, Europe, and the USA.

What is Acron?
Acron is one of Europe’s largest mineral fertilizer producers with an annual production of over 4.1 million tonnes. The company is specialized in the production of vertically integrated fertilizers and has its products exported all over the globe.

In terms of visual identity, Acron Group is pretty calm and modest. The company has been using the same badge for a few decades now, and there are no plans on redesigning it. The Acron logo is composed of a graphical part, inscribed in a letter, and a logotype, which is sometimes accompanied by a tagline.

???? – Today

Acron Logo

The Acron badge is executed in contrasting and intense green and red color palette, and most often can be seen on a plain white background, which adds lightness to the solid shapes of the badge’s elements. The logo is composed of an emblem, which is also the company’s signifier, and a logotype on its right. The emblem of Acron is a bold and solid lowercase letter “A” in green, with its negative space horizontally divided into two parts: the transparent upper one, and the bottom part filled with numerous solid red dots. As for the text part of the badge, it is set in the same shade of green, as the main element of the emblem, and written in the uppercase of a modern sans-serif font. Mostly, the logotype is accompanied by an uppercase “Public Joint Stock Company” tagline, set in a lightweight and slightly narrowed sans-serif.

Sometimes the logo is simplified and the tagline is removed. In this case, the emblem is set in the center of the composition, and the name of the company is written under it in small capitals.

Font and color

The main part of the lettering on the Acron logo comprises the uppercase “Acron” wordmark, which is set in a clean medium-weight sans-serif typeface, very similar to such fonts as ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std Book and Yaro Op Thin, which both have the open contour of the “R” as the main distinguishing feature.

As for the tagline, it uses a more traditional font in terms of shapes and contours and looks more like Franklin Gothic Small Caps Medium Condensed type.

The color palette of the Acron visual identity is based on a calm shade of green, which is closer to the sea-green hue, and bright red, with a plain white background. The green here stands for nature and growth, which makes sense considering the specialization of the company. As for the red, apart from cresting a good color contrast with the main color, this shade stands for passion and expertise in everything Acron does.

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