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The visual identity of Recaro, a manufacturer of aircraft seats and gaming seats, has been pretty consistent through the years.

Meaning and history

Recaro Holding is the owner of the Recaro brand as well as the companies Recaro Aircraft Seating and Recaro eGaming. The roots of the company go back to 1906. It was established by Wilhelm Reutter under the name of Stuttgarter Carosserie und Radfabrik. Some of its first successful products were limousine bodies (the 1920s).

The Recaro logo would have looked pretty generic if not for the unusual approach to the kerning.

The letters in an unpretentious sans serif typeface have a classic structure providing perfect legibility. There are no pictorial elements to make the design more distinctive.

Recaro Logo

The way the letters are positioned adds a unique touch: they are so close to each other that all of them are in fact joined together. While this approach slightly damages legibility, it also adds some meaning. The letters seem to comfortably lean on one another in the same way as the customer may comfortably lean on the seats manufactured by Recaro.


The current primary version features the letters in black over the white background. You can come across an older version where the company name was given in red. Also, when the Recaro logo is placed on the seats, its color is typically modified depending on the color of the product.