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HTV9 is the name of the most famous Vietnamese TV channels, which was established in the middle of the 1990s by Ho Chi Min Television, and today exists along other channels of the company, such as HTV7 and HTV2.

Meaning and history

HTV9 Logo history

The visual identity of the Vietnamese TV channel is strict yet bright and recognizable. HTV9 uses exactly the same design for its logo, as other channels of the group — HTV2 and HTV7, which shows its affiliation to Ho Chi Min TV company.

1995 — 2002

HTV9 Logo 1995

The very first HTV9 logo was composed of three slanted white letters placed on a parallelogram, separated into three equal elements — red, green, and purple. The banner was outlined in white and black and had a large number “9” glued to its right part. The digit was also slanted and drawn in white with a thick black outline.

2003 — 2015

HTV9 Logo 2003

The lines of the logo were cleaned and refined in 2003. The framing was gone from the HTV9 logo and now three separate parallelograms were placed at a small distance from each other directly on a white background. The “9” was only slightly visible, as got its outline removed too. The whole letters became bolder and neater, looking more modern and progressive than on the previous version of the logo.

2013 — 2015

HTV9 Logo 2013

The HD channel was launched by the company in 2013, so the new logo appeared. It was pretty much the same as the one created in 2003, but with the geometric elements slightly extended horizontally and the “HD” lettering added to the bottom right part of the logo. The letters were written in white but had a delicate blurred gray outline, which made them visible even on a white background.

2016 — Today

HTV9 logo

In 2016 both emblems, for HTV9 and HTV9 HD, were refined and strengthened by adding a dark gray framing with a shadow to it. Inside the frames everything remained the same, three colorful rectangular with white letters in them are placed on a small white distance from each other, and it is balanced by a white outline of the badge, making it fresh and airy.