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Avatar is one of the most popular and significant movies in the history of cinematography. This science-fiction masterpiece, directed and written by the legendary filmmaker James Cameron, was released in 2009, with its second part scheduled for 2022.

Meaning and history

Avatar Logo history

The director James Cameron has devoted his whole life to the Avatar picture without exaggeration. Some or other blanks for a futuristic film about the collision of extraterrestrial civilization and humans acting as alien invaders were formed in Cameron’s fantasy for many years. The director generously drew inspiration from different areas of world culture, turning to the traditions of Indian and Indonesian tribes, as well as to the works of such iconic directors as Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, and the Strugatsky brothers. The first version of the Avatar script was written by Cameron in the mid-nineties.

The year 2009 marked the 15th anniversary of the Avatar story. That’s how long it has been since Cameron finished writing the original 114-page script for his upcoming film. According to Cameron’s plan, it was assumed that in Avatar, instead of real actors, the roles would be played by characters generated with the help of three-dimensional graphics.

The action of Avatar takes place on the distant planet of Pandora, where the Earth corporation pumps resources from the bowels, ruthlessly suppressing the resistance of local people who do not want to submit to the invasion of greedy and cruel aliens from the solar system.

Former Marine Jake Sully arrives on Pandora, half-paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. In exchange for future surgery to restore his ability to walk, Sully agrees to participate in a special program designed to permanently remove the Na’vi people from the colonizers’ path. Taking the form of an avatar, a doppelganger with a human soul and brain embedded in his physical body, he travels to the jungles of Pandora and soon becomes one of the Na’vi.

The second part of the legendary movie was filmed only 13 years after the first part saw the light. The Second Avatar, planned for release in 2022, continues the story of Jake Sully. After assuming the avatar image, soldier Jake Sully becomes the leader of the Na’vi people and takes on the mission to protect his new friends from self-serving businessmen from Earth. Now he has someone to fight for – Jake his beautiful beloved Neytiri. When heavily armed Earthlings return to Pandora, Jake is ready to fight back.

What is Avatar?
Avatar is an iconic science-fiction movie, produced by James Cameron in 2009. It was his most anticipated project, where Cameron acted as director, screenwriter, and producer. This 3D film has revolutionized modern cinematography.

In terms of visual identity, the Avatar franchise fully reflected the spirit and the plot of its story in the simple, yet deep and interesting logo, which was designed in 2009, and for some extensions in 2016. For the new Avatar, coming out in 2022, the original badge has also become a basis.


Avatar Logo 2009

The original Avatar badge was introduced in 2009 and featured custom uppercase lettering in a designer font with all capital characters set in a calm yet the deep shade of blue. The characters were placed at a significant distance from each other, against a white background, and accompanied by a small “James Cameron’s” inscription placed above it in the same shade of blue, and the same typeface.

2016 – Today

Avatar Logo

The Avatar franchise got an emblem designed for it in 2016. To complement the iconic logotype, the emboldened and enlarged letter “A” was taken as a basis for the signifier. The letter has its contours not even, and slightly torn in some areas, and the horizontal bar of the “A” is hidden behind a figure of an Avatar bird with the wings spread up and to the sides.


Avatar Logo 2018

The redesign of 2018 has connected both previous versions of the Avatar logo into one: the icon with the “A” and the wings was replacing the first letter in the uppercase logotype, with all characters being emboldened, and the smooth shade of blue slightly darkened up.


Avatar Logo 2022

For the second part of the legendary movie, the new logo was designed in 2022. It is fully based on the version, created by John Roshell in 2018, with the flat blue letters gaining light and becoming three-dimensional. Also, the main logotype with the signifier got accompanied by “The Way of Water” lettering in the uppercase of the recognizable Avatar font, being set in smaller size under the main part of the badge.

Font and color

Avatar Font

The bold uppercase lettering from the primary logo of the Avatar franchise is set in a custom typeface, designed by John Roshell. The uneven contours of the stable uppercase characters look like nothing else, although have some features in common with such fonts as Spooky Ghost Regular, or Frutiger Capitalis Std Regular.

As for the color palette of Avatar’s visual identity, it is based on a calm medium-dark shade of blue, which evokes a feeling of mystery and creativity. The depth of the blue brilliantly represents the essence and idea of the movie and invites everyone to join the magical world, created by James Cameron.

Who designed the logo for Avatar?
The original version of the Avatar logo, introduced in 2009, was designed by Chris Costello. As for the icon of the franchise, created in 2016, it was a work of The Equinox Group, and the redesign of 2018 was held by John Roshell.