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Brompton is a company, specializes in the production of bicycles, which was established in 1976 in the United Kingdom. The company is well-known all over the globe for its folding-bicycles. And is one of the global leaders in this category, with the yearly revenue of about 50 million GBP.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the British bicycle manufacturer is minimalist and laconic, yet it has a special retro-feeling and a nostalgic mood. The producer of folded bikes uses an old-style wordmark in a simple rectangular frame as its logo, and despite its modesty and simplicity, it is remarkable and recognizable, the logo, that has become a synonym for a quality mark.

The Brompton logotype, enclosed in a medium weight black rectangle is perfectly balanced and has enough space between the letters to look solid, yet light and crispy.

The distinct serifs and full, rounded contours of the letters, remind of the bicycle wheels, while the overall style of the logo resembles the very first bikes and their design.

Brompton Logo

For some occasions, the framed logotype is complemented by the modern schematic drawing of three bicycles, showing how it can be folded. The image is executed in black and red lines, yet when placed on a black background, all the lines turn white.

Font and color

The black and white color palette, which aims sometimes complemented by red, is a timeless and elegant combination, which looks brilliantly on any background and can be placed on various textures without losing its unique character and style.

The traditional lettering of the logotype with its visible distinct serifs also wins from the black-and-white palette, as it adds power and solidness to the medium weight lines.

The typeface of the Brompton inscription is very similar to Full Slab SC 50 Black and Gambero Regular, which both are old-style serif fonts.