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The Holmer Maschinenbau GmbH is a medium-sized mechanical engineering company. It specializes in self-propelled sugar-beet harvesting machines.

Meaning and history

Holmer Logo history

The company was founded in 1969. It is based in Eggmühl near Regensburg, Germany, and works in over 40 countries worldwide.

Befor 2020

Holmer Logo old

Throughout the company’s history, the way the logo has been painted on the machines has slightly varied. In the previous century, in most cases, the typographical part consisted of the name of the brand in a minimalist sans with rounded glyphs. The letters were italicized. The width of the letters has varied depending on the year when the machine was manufactured. From both sides, there were green or gray squares housing an emblem in white.

2020 – Today

Holmer Logo

The most distinctive part of the Holmer logo is probably the red mark comprised of two triangles placed one above the other. The proportions and size of the triangles are different. The triangle placed on the top is smaller, its sides are equal (equilateral triangle). The one below is an isosceles triangle (it has two equal sides and two equal angles).

The most meaningful part, from the symbolic point of view, is that both the triangles have one of the angles directed strictly downwards. The emblem represents the power of the machines manufactured by Holmes.

To the left of the emblem, there is the name of the brand in black. The letters are wide and not italicized. This fact represents the reliability of the products. The squarish glyphs seem to have been inspired by the shape of the machines.