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Hoegaarden is a beer brand, founded in 1445 in Hoegaarden, Belgium, when it was still part of the Netherlands. It was first brewed by monks. Now the brand is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Meaning and history

Hoegaarden Logo

The Hoegaarden logo is a gothic-style typeface with an icon on top of it. The color scheme is traditional for many beer brands – blue, white and gold.

The Hoegaarden emblem consists of two elements –  a mash paddle and a bishop’s crozier. The first is a tribute to all the brewers of Hoegaarden (there used to be more than 50 in this small town). The second is a symbol of power once wielded by the prince bishop of Liège.

Hoegaarden has a very special mascot: an orphan brewmaster. There is a legend about an abandoned orphan raised by monks and schooled in the art of brewing, he even “buried in a beer barrel at the age of 100.”

aOne more brand’s specialty – a famous Hoegaarden beer glass. The glass has become a brand signature and although more brands have their own glasses, Hoegaarden’s does look unique and standout, with it’s huge size.