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In spite of the Panthers nickname, the athletic program representing High Point University in North Carolina has used a logo featuring a panther for only eight years.

Meaning and history

High Point Panthers logo history

High Point Panthers, a name synonymous with athletic excellence, was established by High Point University in North Carolina. Its inception dates back to when the university was founded in 1924, marking a significant chapter in the institution’s history. Over the years, the Panthers have carved a niche in the realm of collegiate sports, particularly in the Big South Conference. Their journey is a tapestry of perseverance, team spirit, and consistent effort towards greatness.

The main achievements of High Point Panthers are a testament to their dedication and hard work. Notably, their basketball team has been a powerhouse in the conference, consistently delivering remarkable performances season after season. The women’s volleyball team, too, has gained prominence, setting records and earning accolades that have put the Panthers on the national sports map. These achievements are not just victories in games; they represent the relentless spirit and the pursuit of excellence that the Panthers embody.

Currently, High Point Panthers maintain a prestigious position in collegiate sports. They continue to be a force to reckon with in the Big South Conference, attracting talented athletes and dedicated coaches. Their current stature is not just about the games won or the records set; it’s about a legacy of sporting excellence that High Point University proudly upholds. The Panthers, with their unwavering commitment to sportsmanship and excellence, continue to inspire and shape the future of collegiate sports.

What is High Point Panthers?
High Point Panthers is the athletic team representing High Point University in North Carolina, primarily competing in the Big South Conference. Known for their remarkable achievements in basketball and volleyball, they embody a legacy of excellence in collegiate sports.


High Point Panthers Logo-1976

The High Point Panthers logo adopted in 1976 was a violet roundel featuring the letters “HP” and the name of the university.


High Point Panthers Logo-1996

In 1996, it was replaced by an “HP” monogram.


High Point Panthers Logo-2004

The 2004 emblem featured a panther lying over the name of the team and the university.


High Point Panthers Logo

Eventually, in 2012, a new High Point Panthers logo was adopted, which included only the letters “HPU” going down from the left to the right.

High Point Panthers basketball

High Point Panthers basketball logo

The men’s basketball program boasts the following results:

  • the NCAA Division II Tournament: two appearances
  • the National Invitation Tournament: two appearances
  • the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament: two appearances
  • the NAIA Tournament: seven appearances

High Point Panthers soccer

High Point Panthers soccer logo

The men’s soccer team is coached by EJ O’Keeffe, while the head coach of the women’s team is Brandi Fontaine.

High Point Panthers Colors

HEX COLOR: #330072;
RGB: (51, 0, 114)
CMYK: (90, 99, 0, 8)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)