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Simple as it is, the logo of the German company Hansgrohe SE has an original touch.

Meaning and history


The roots of the brand can be traced back to 1901. Today, it is among the world’s best-known sanitary fittings manufacturers. Hansgrohe is headquartered in Schiltach, Germany. It should not be confused with the Grohe AG, one of its competitors.

The Hansgrohe logo catches the eye with its eye-pleasing, balanced shade of green. The color is used as the background for the lettering in white. What makes the design look unusual is that the top of the “h” touches the border of the green box. In a way, it looks like a river flowing into the sea.

The type featured in the logo is a simple sans. It looks pretty friendly due to the rounded shape, although there are still enough angles and straight lines.

Emblem of the Hansgrohe group

The corporate logo of the Group is pretty different from the brand’s primary emblem.

The most notable difference is the palette. In contrast to the green and white brand’s logo, the corporate logo looks rather austere with its combination of black and white. The type is the same, yet due to the fact that the initial in the Group’s logo is capitalized, it does not look like a copy of the primary Hansgrohe logo.

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