Ladbrokes Logo

Ladbrokes Logo

Ladbrokes is a brand of a British gambling group, which was founded in 1886. Today the company is a part of GVC holdings and operates across the United Kingdom with yearly revenue of around 1,5 billion pounds.

Meaning and history

Ladbrokes Logo history

Being the number one betting brand in the UK, Ladbrokes boasts a powerful and bright visual identity. During all the company’s history, its logo was text-based and always comprised one color combination — red and white.

The first logo for Ladbrokes was designed in 1982 and featured a white nameplate, placed into a red parallelogram. All the letters of the wordmark except the first “L” were italicized and written in a bold sans-serif typeface.

In 2004 the colors of the logo were switched and now it was a red inscription on a white background. the font became more elegant and strong.

Logo Ladbrokes

The redesign of 2011 brought a new modern typeface with sleek rounded lines and an emblem, which is an L-shaped boomerang symbol.

The Ladbrokes logo is minimalist yet looks confident and powerful due to the right color palette. The red is a commonly known symbol of passion and energy, and these are qualities the brand values most.