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Hansa is a Polish brand of household appliances, founded in the 1950s. The company has a huge experience in the industry, which was twice awarded in the world’s largest competitions (Red Dot Award winner in 2015 and Best of the Best Product Design Award in 2012).

Meaning and history

Hansa logo

The Hansa brand and its first logo was created in 1997 and redesigned in 2015. The logo consists of a wordmark and a graphic icon on its left, with a “Haushaltgeräte” (“home appliances” in German) tagline.

The wordmark is executed in black modern typeface with bold confident letters, while tagline has finer and more elegant lines.

Logo Hansa

The icon is a square, composed of four solid red dots. Each dot symbolizes one of the brand’s four values: a sophisticated design of company’s appliances, high quality level of Hansa, a wide range of manufactured products, traditions and stability of the brand.

The Hansa logo is modern and confident, showing what is important for the brand, yet being a good example of contemporary design.

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