Seagate Logo

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Seagate Logo
Seagate is an American brand of data storage solutions development company. It was founded in 1978 by Al Shugart, and was named after its founder. Today it operates worldwide and is one of the leading companies on the market.

Meaning and history

Seagate Logo history

The Seagate logo is simple yet elegant and futuristic. It is also fresh and crispy due to its color palette.
The logo is composed of an all-caps wordmark and the brand’s emblem, which is the main part of it.

The emblem

The Seagate emblem is a reflection of how the brand sees our world. It is vibrant and moving, progressive and innovative.
The icon is composed of a curved line, resembling the silhouette of the letter “S” and at the same time the infinity sign. According to the brand, the emblem also represents data, which is important to keep.
It is executed in light green, the color of life and harmony, and this adds dynamics, energy and a very light feeling to the logo.
Logo Seagate

The wordmark

The all-caps wordmark is executed in simple typeface with clean fine lines. The light gray color of the lettering adds elegance and finesse to the logo.
It is simple and strict, yet fresh, evoking calm and comfort feeling. The wordmark shows the brand as stable and trustworthy, which are the most important characteristics for any technological company.