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VTech is the brand of electronic products, which was established in 1976 in Hong Kong. Today the company operates worldwide, being one of the largest distributors of educational electronics and cordless phones. The yearly revenue of VTech is about 2 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Vtech Logo history

The VTech logo has always been executed in its own unique style, which made it recognizable all over the world. Though there were several redesigns of the visual identity, being held throughout the years, you can still feel the character of the very first emblem in today’s one.

1976 — 1991

VTech Logo 1976

The very first VTech logo was introduced in 1976. It was a doubly outlined rectangle with rounded angles and the V-shape “break” in its upper part, with the “Tech” italicized capitals in sans-serif placed inside the frame.

1991 — 1994

VTech Logo 1991

In 1991 the letter “V” became a separate element, and the colors of the logo were switched. So now the white inscription was placed on a red background and enclosed in a rectangular frame, which was open around the “V”.

1994 — 1998

VTech Logo 1994

The color palette was changed to blue and white in 1994. Another change was about the typeface — the “Tech” part gained a new bolder and more elegant typeface with smooth lines.

1998 — 2002

VTech Logo 1998

In 1998 the VTech blue gains a new calm shade, which looks more professional and confident. The contours of the letters have been refined in order to make the whole image more solid.

2002 — Today

VTech Logo 2002

The redesign of 2002 brought a completely new style to the VTech logo, though the calm blue color from the previous version remained unchanged. The new logotype is executed in a sleek and modern sans-serif typeface, where the lowercase letters feature softened angles, and “V” and “T” have their tails elongated and slightly curved.

2009 — Today

VTech logo

In addition to the logotype from 2002, another emblem was created in 2009. It is the same style inscription, but drawn in white and placed on a three-dimensional blue “drop”.

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