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Dolby Digital is brand of a surround sound audio coding technique, which was created in 1991 by Dolby Laboratories and was known as AC-3. The codec is being used for DVD’s, Blu-ray and TV.

Meaning and history

Dolby Digital Logo history

The Dolby Digital is named after its inventors, Ray and Dale Dolby, who founded the Dolby Laboratories in 1965 in London.
The Dolby Digital logo is one of the most recognizable in the world, as almost every person has seen it at least once in his life. We see the Dolby Digital icon in the cinemas and when watch movies at home on DVD or Blu-ray.
The Dolby Digital logo is a legend, as well as the technology the brand offers. It is a strong and powerful visual identity design for one of the most respected brands in the entertainment industry history.

The emblem

Emblem Dolby Digital
The original Dolby Digital logo was created in 1967 and the current logo is based on its idea. The “double D” is an iconic emblem. It has a double meaning as well.
The first meaning of the Dolby Digital emblem is representation of two funnels, through with the sound moves and comes out cleaner. That is what the Dolby Digital Technology was created for.
The second meaning is initials of the founders, Dolby brothers. It shows the brands roots and heritage values.
The icon in black and white resembles of the window or old video cassette and is the symbol, which everyone knows as “Double D” and nothing else.

The color

Dolby Digital logo
The monochrome palette of the Dolby Digital logo elevates its emblem and typeface. The lettering with clean strong lines looks confident and evokes a sense of authority. The “B” adds uniqueness to the logo.
The closest font to the Dolby Digital typeface is Gustan Medium, designed by Lux Typographic.