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CyberPower logo may appear slightly cluttered, it is energetic and eye-catching. The design conveys the “power” theme creating a link with the name of the company.

Meaning and history

Like many other modern logos, this one consists of two parts: the emblem and the wordmark.

The emblem features a red hexagon with rounded corners. Inside, there is the lightning bolt and a white hexagon. In many cultures, the lightning bolt has been the symbol of power with the thunder god being the most powerful god. So, the emblem’s connection with the word “Power” in the name of the company is obvious.

CyberPowerPC Emblem

The wordmark can be broken down into two unequal parts. The writing “CyberPower” is bold and therefore better legible. The letters “PC” are thinner. The difference in the type has been used to create a visual border between the parts of the company’s name.
There is more than one possible way to position the emblem and the wordmark. For instance, on the company’s official website, the emblem is positioned to the left of the wordmark. Another popular approach is to place the emblem above the name of the company. In this case, the emblem grows larger and looks more prominent, it is easier to make out the details.
CyberPowerPC Logo
The version with the large emblem seems to introduce a clearer vision of the brand’s identity. When it is smaller, the lightning bolt is less visible, which makes the primary message of the CyberPowerPC logo somewhat blurred.