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Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League logoHamptons Collegiate Baseball League Logo PNG

Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League (HCBL) is an American summer sports organization that unites several baseball teams. The headquarters is located in the city of Hamptons, New York State. It’s one of the largest college baseball organizations in the country.

Meaning and history

The league was established in 2007 for 7 collegiate baseball teams from the Atlantic region. What it means is that teams from 7 colleges from the Eastern half of America come together to see who plays baseball better. The current roster only includes teams from New York State, however.

2007 – today

Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League logo

The initial logotype of the League is a handwritten inscription ‘Hamptons League’ in two lines. There is also a flying ball that leaves a red trace behind it. The latter originates from the bottom tip of the letter ‘L’ and goes through the loop beneath ‘g’. Between two words, there is a red line with ‘Collegiate Baseball’ inscription and a star. All these elements are drawn over a rhombus figure. The whole logotype uses mostly red & white color palette.

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