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Hamm is the trademark of road rollers and asphalt compactors manufactured by Hamm AG. Initially, the company was established by brothers Hamm back in 1878 for production of agricultural equipment. Nevertheless, by 1928 the enterprise became specialized only in rollers. Eventually, the firm became the leading innovator in its sector and has introduced some unique technologies, like oscillating vibratory roller in 1989. In 2000, the company was acquired by Wirtgen Group Gmbh and since then operates as Wirtgen’s subsidiary. Today the Hamm plant producing this machinery is situated near Munich, Germany and is considered the most modern European roller enterprise.

Meaning and history

Hamm logo

The logo used for the Hamm products was a rectangle coloured in marmalade orange tone. In the centre of the emblem, there was the brand name “HAMM” written in block letters. The wordmark was made in a heavy thick font very close to the commercial Futura Pro Bold. The brand name had a saturated black colour and was placed in a black geometrical rectangle-type figure with the white background inside it. The figure resembled both a silhouette of a road roller and the castle on the coat of arms of the town on Tirschenreuth, the seat of Hamm AG.

Logo Hamm

After Hamm AG joined the Wirtgen Group, a new Wirtgen logotype was developed in April 2016 and since is used for Hamm products. In consists of a white square with a marmalade orange border and rounded corners. In the centre of the square, there is a capital letter “W” for “Wirtgen” split in the middle into two parts resembling two sharp corners. The colour of the letter is an anchor grey tone.

For the customers, the Hamm logo is associated with heavy-duty machinery of high quality and reliability. The company invests a lot into technological innovations, developing unique ground rolling equipment, such as the Hamm Compaction Meter that measures and reports ground stiffness during its operation.