Husqvarna Logo

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Husqvarna Logo
Although the Husqvarna logo has undergone a series of modifications, it has still preserved its visual core reminding of the brand’s roots.

Meaning and history

Husqvarna logo history

When the Swedish company was founded in 1689, its main product was musket barrels for soldiers. These devices were used by the soldiers to aim at their target. The earliest known logotype was a depiction of such a musket barrel.

Symbol in 1912-2011

Husqvarna symbol
The brand used several logotypes throughout this period; some of them were used simultaneously. In 1973, Hormaz Kapadia of the Gumaelius Annonsbyrå firm developed a logo on the basis of the musket barrel emblem with the letter “H” inside.

The 2012 emblem

Husqvarna emblem
The logo looks almost exactly as its predecessor, with the exception of a new color palette (a less bright shade of blue) and the word “Group”, which appeared below the emblem.


The Helvetica Nue font has a lot in common with the type used in the wordmark, yet the designers definitely modified the height/width of the letters and kerned the font tighter.