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“Kobelco” is the name of the brand used by Kobe Steel, Ltd., a large Japanese steel manufacturer. One of the company’s best-known achievements is that it supplies almost half of the world’s market of the wires used in valve springs of auto engines.

Meaning and history

While Kobe Steel was formed in 1905, there is not much known about the evolution of the Kobelco logo, except that the shade of blue has been slightly altered. You can come across at least two versions.

Simpler version

Kobelco Logo

It showcases the name of the brand in bold capital letters. While the type may seem generic, there is something strange with its proportions and the shape of the glyphs. The two “O’s” are disproportionally wide in comparison with the other letters. The contrast to the “L,” where the horizontal bar appears to have been cut, is especially obvious. Moreover, the “O” here is a perfect circle, while the “C” and “E” are based on a rectangle.

As a result, the Kobelco logo has two white gaps, while the glyphs in the rest of the logo seem to have been sandwiched between the two “O’s.”

Full version

In addition to the wordmark described above, the lettering “Kobe Steel, LTD” and a rhombus emblem can be seen.