Greenville Swamp Rabbits Logo

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Greenville Swamp Rabbits Logo
The Greenville Swamp Rabbits is the name of an ice hockey team whose location is in Greenville, South Carolina. The franchise has been known since 1987 under the names of Johnstown Chiefs, Greenville Road Warriors and since 2015 Greenville Swamp Rabbits.

Meaning and History logo

Greenville Swamp Rabbits Logo history

While the name “Road Warriors” was to please the 150 companies of South Carolina related to the automotive industry, the current name of the team arose from the nickname of a local historic railroad ‒ “Swamp Rabbit”. The intention was to make the team’s ties with the Greenville community even stronger.
The new name gave birth to a fantastic logo. The current Greenville Swamp Rabbits emblem is an image of a vigorous rabbit, a hockey player. He is holding a bandaged hockey stick and it is evident that he is attacking. The hockey stick looks like a carrot and its leaves are for some reason gray, maybe to produce a stronger effect.
Greenville Swamp Rabbits hockey Logo
The team name is written in block orange letters with a gray fringing. The lettering is placed against a navy blue background. The letter “R” is stylized to make it look like a hockey stick, also bandaged.
The color scheme is rather diverse. It includes orange, navy blue, silver, gold and white.